TRUE Love - Comfort & Relationship Building Pheromones For Men (A TOP SELLER!)

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MSRP: $69.95
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About the product

Deep trust. Communication. Protection.

These are the three elements that every woman in a relationship wants. With TRUELove, you get a proven combination of pheromones designed specifically to create a lasting first impression or a consistently trusting, loving, and communicative environment.


You’ll Be Her “Addiction”


TRUELove turns you into her knight in shining armor, the fairy tale image of the man of her dreams.


You’ll be an effective, caring, and comforting communicator who “always knows what to say” even if you’re not well versed in what to say at all. You’ll get her attention, but not as a short-term object of desire like some of our other products. TRUELove fuels the fire of a lasting relationship she will be addicted to.


WARNING: Not For One Night Stands.


Don’t attempt to use TRUELove for a one night stand.

This isn’t a pheromone combination that you put on to go out and “pickup” women in social situations. You may see results in these situations, but they are not guaranteed.


We developed this unique combination to effectively help you develop lasting relationships with the women who you want. TRUELove helps women see you as the caring and compassionate man that they want to be with for the long term—the type of women you’ll attract are not the kind that would be at a bar looking to get laid. They are out looking for the man of their dreams—you.


Active Ingredients: Methoxyestratraenone, Androstenol, Androstadienone & Estratetraenol

Total Pheromone Content: 10,500 mcg (52.5 mcg/spray)

Effective Dosage: 52-250 mcg

Duration of Effect: 4-6 hours

Total Volume: 30ml

Scent: AXE Phoenix or AXE Kilo

100% Money Back Guarantee

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