These Key Facts About Women and Sex Will Help You Get Un Single

These Key Facts About Women and Sex Will Help You Get Un Single

17th Dec 2015

pheromonesAre you looking to get un single? Do you know everything there is to know about women and sex? Certainly, you know a lot. Just to be sure you've got all your bases covered, let's run through some important information that may have slipped under your radar.

Here's something you may have suspected even though you have heard otherwise:  Women want sex just as much as men do. This is a fact and excellent news if you didn't already know.

You're welcome.

Now, it's worth asking yourself whether your own personal experience with women and sex jives with the above fact. If you want to get un single, the following information is critical:

1.) Any derogatory remark you make about women who love sex, in general, in front of a woman you want to have sex with, in particular, will create sexual distance between you and that particular woman. Think about that. Do you love and respect women who love sex? Or do you judge them? A respectful attitude regarding women's equally libidinous nature will enable your partner to let down her sexual guard.

2.) Love may not be a prerequisite for sex for women, but connection is. Chemistry is. This isn't as mysterious as it sounds, and you don't have to leave chemistry to chance.  Pheromones - chemicals that affect the response of others in close proximity - send social, emotional, and sexual cues. You can tailor these cues to create the connection you're looking for. 

3.) Women want to be cherished. Women stay with men who cherish them. One excellent way to demonstrate how much you cherish her is to make it your mission in life that she has an orgasm every time the two of you are intimate. If you're not sure, ask. Learn everything you can about the female orgasm. Master that, and you will only be single if you want to be.

Contact us if you love women, want to send the right social and sexual cues, and hope to cherish the woman who will change your relationship status from single to (very) happily taken.