Stop Being Single: Four Fun First Date Ideas

Stop Being Single: Four Fun First Date Ideas

6th Nov 2015

pheromonesLet's face it: many men don't score points for originality when it comes to first date ideas. While there's certainly nothing wrong with taking your date out to dinner and a movie, such choices will likely land you firmly in the predictable category. Unfortunately, most women don't find predictable as intriguing as spontaneous or creative. Are you ready to stop being single and step out of your first date comfort zone? Consider the following ideas:

Sign up for a cooking class. Cooking together can be a true bonding experience. A class will allow you time to chat, but it also gives you something else to focus on-- flipping that pizza dough-- if the conversation hits a lag. Sharing a new experience together has the added bonus of giving you plenty to talk about after your date.

Have a picnic in the park. If you're really traditional and feel like a first date must include a shared meal, think outside of the standard restaurant box. Pack some sandwiches, pasta salad, and a bottle of wine and head to your local park for a picnic date.

Go bowling. If a picnic at the park sounds a little too boring for your taste, consider taking your date bowling. Friendly competition can easily turn into flirtation. Another bonus: if the conversation isn't flowing naturally, you'll have something else to focus on.

Meet for drinks at a bar. It might not be the most romantic first date idea, but meeting up for drinks at a corner table in a dimly lit bar is an excellent option. Unlike cooking classes or bowling alley dates, drinks at a bar gives you one-on-one time to focus solely on your conversation. Just be sure not to overdo it on the drinking if you want a second date.

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