So Long, Single Life: Attract Men With Pheromones

So Long, Single Life: Attract Men With Pheromones

7th Aug 2015

pheromonesMore and more women over 30 are finding themselves single. While some remain unattached by choice, many have difficulty finding partners due to a variety of reasons that they're likely not even aware of. Some of the most common reasons that single women aren't in fulfilling relationships include:

Low self-esteem. Maybe you're out at a bar with friends when you strike up a conversation with an attractive man. You seem to have a lot in common, and you find yourself feeling hopeful. Yet, you convince yourself that the man could do better than you, and you're not a worthy partner for him. Because of this negative internal dialogue resulting from low self-esteem, you end the conversation abruptly and never know what could have been.

Isolation. By the time we're in our thirties, our routines and habits are pretty well established. Maybe you're a committed homebody, or perhaps you're married to your career. Whether intentional or not, many women don't find partners because they're isolating themselves socially. Simply put: if you don't get out and meet new people, you're unlikely to find a romantic match.

Unrealistic standards. At some point or another, we've all likely created a mental checklist of traits we want in a mate. Holding every person you date to unrealistic standards, however, is not only unfair to potentially good partners-- it's also a defense mechanism. Many people convince themselves that they're single because of their own selectiveness when it's really their fear of intimacy that's keeping partners away.

Past hurt. Although most people have experienced heartbreak, they eventually move past it and learn to love again. Some people, however, are crippled by wounds from their past. Instead of potentially opening themselves up to feeling that kind of pain again, they decide that shutting down emotionally is the safer option.

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