Single isn't Always Better: Amazing Benefits of Finding the One

Single isn't Always Better: Amazing Benefits of Finding the One

27th Nov 2015

pheromonesThose who claim being single is more fun are clearly unaware of the positive affects relationships have. When you're single, you don't wake up to sweet good morning messages or fall asleep with a loving good night whispered in your ear. You're not surprised with flowers after a long day of work, you're not constantly reminded your flaws are invisible in another's eyes, and you don't have an intimate life that involves making love because love is nonexistent. But there's much more to being in love than all of the sweet, romantic notions. Finding the one has amazing benefits too.

1.) More Energy. Research shows thinking about your partner increases cortisol to the point where it produces glucose, leaving you to feel a good kind of stress called eustress. So when your body experiences this, it automatically boosts your mood and energy.

2.) Happiness. As stated, love scientifically boosts your mood, but there's more to it that creates happiness. Did you know it reduces depression? Being with the right person makes you smile more, laugh more, and feel genuinely understood.

3.) Spiritual Growth. When you're in love, you become comfortable with your partner. Opening up to someone who adores you beyond the point of judgment and criticism allows you to fully express who your personality. With love also comes heightened generosity. You begin to give more and make small sacrifices not just in the moments they're struggling, but to see them smile. Therefore, love reveals the person you really are and works in ways to keep you bettering yourself in positive aspects.

There are numerous other benefits to being in a relationship from making you look younger to living longer. The point is with every endless, positive thing relationships have to offer, why stay single? Let's face it. There’s nothing quite like being in love.