Pheromone Research: Going Back to the Source

Pheromone Research: Going Back to the Source

6th Nov 2015

pheromonesWith all of the myths about pheromone research, sometimes it is best to go back to the source.

What does the originator of pheromone research, Dr. Martha McClintock, PhD, think of today's claims? You may think that she automatically sides with the extremists saying pheromones are the answer to all of your problems. This is the angle we must sell in order to move product, right?


The success of pheromones, according to Dr. McClintock, relies more on the mix of pheromones that an individual applies. Like a cologne, you must choose the right mix for you in order to give off the right "scent" to attract the mate of your choice. The selection process is the main value added of your pheromone company.

In short, you need a pheromone company that understands the differences in body architecture. You need a proven research minded company that looks at the most likely mixes of pheromones to work for you specifically.

Because pheromones act on the brain, different types of pheromones attract different people. Your pheromones may work just fine; however, you may attract a personality type that you simply do not like!

What does all of this mean for you, the pheromone consumer?

You must invest in a pheromone company that creates products for different types of people. Take note of the products that you choose from in the lineup of products from your preferred company.

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