Men, Stop Being Single By Avoiding These Four Dating Mistakes!

Men, Stop Being Single By Avoiding These Four Dating Mistakes!

13th Nov 2015

pheromonesAre you feeling unlucky in love? Have you been single for longer than you'd like? Do your first dates rarely turn into second dates? It's time to stop being single! Consider the following dating blunders that many men make without even realizing it:

Having no plan. Women like a man with a plan. Asking a woman out on a date, going to pick her up, and then saying, "So, what do you want to do?" is not likely to score you any points. The date doesn't necessarily have to be elaborate, but it should be planned in advance.

Badmouthing your ex. We get it: your ex-girlfriend cheated on you and is officially the worst person in the universe. But your date doesn't need to hear all about her transgressions. Badmouthing an ex doesn't make her look bad; it makes you look bad. It also shows your date that you're likely not over the end of your former relationship.

Acting aloof. So you're really interested in your date, but you decide to play it cool and act disinterested. You've heard women like a challenge, so you think this is a good tactic. Unfortunately, acting aloof and disinterested is not going to make a woman swoon over you. While you don't want to be too forward-- certainly don't confess your love for her on your first date-- you should also avoid playing it too cool. Find some middle ground; show her you're interested, but don't propose marriage.

Forgetting the pheromones. Did you know that pheromones are nature's aphrodisiac? They're responsible for sexual attraction. Pheromone cologne works by boosting your body's own pheromone production, so make sure to spritz some on before you head out on a date. Contact us today to learn more!