Men! Don't Stay Single! Personal Hygiene Matters! (Part 2 of 3)

Men! Don't Stay Single! Personal Hygiene Matters! (Part 2 of 3)

3rd Jan 2016

Mans Personal Hygiene MattersIn our three-part "Earth-shattering" series on how to not stay single, we are just now breaking the ice on men's personal hygiene.

In this second part, we'll cover some tips on keeping your testicles nice and dry, and how women really like this about a man (trust us).

Perform a Little Pre-treating: Just like you would to a shirt that has an ugly stain, the same sort of method applies to your testicles. Sworn to work by hikers the world over, rubbing a little zinc oxide mixed with antiperspirants on and around your furry friends will stop them from becoming a problem later.

Drink Plenty of Fluids (Preferably Water): Testicles, much like every other part of your body, need water. And while they won't just come right out and ask for it, it is completely possible to help prevent chafing and rashes by consuming six to eight cups of water every day, especially when you are active. The extra water keeps you healthy, hydrated, and stops itchy skin crystals from forming on and around hot and sweaty places.

Try a Bit of Powder: Again, powders that contain zinc oxide work best to stop chafing and to keep your testicles as snug as a bug in a rug. Some powders even come with added cornstarch, which helps absorb sweat and keeps your friends comfortable and dry. If a powder isn't your thing, try some silky smooth moisturizer. It keeps your skin supple and radiant while preventing chafing and dryness (girls love both of these things).

Stay tuned for next time when our advice will change your love life forever.

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