Guys, Stop Being Single! Consider the Following Three Places to Meet Women

Guys, Stop Being Single! Consider the Following Three Places to Meet Women

27th Dec 2015

pheromonesLet's face it: the bar scene is a tired and cliché way to meet women. While it has the benefit of alcohol to give you liquid courage, there's also the distinct possibility that you'll end up making a decision that you regret in the morning. So, guys, stop being single. Think outside of the box when it comes to meeting women. Drawing a blank? Consider the following ideas:

Coffee shops. As the weather gets colder, coffee shops get busier. Make your way into your local coffee shop with your laptop and strike up a conversation with the attractive woman working at the table next to you. If things go well, offer to pay for her coffee. If things go very well, offer to buy her a real drink the next night.

Laundromat. You know that mountain of laundry that's getting dangerously close to touching the ceiling in your apartment? Now's the time to kill two birds with one stone: get your laundry caught up and potentially meet a date. Laundromats are typically crawling with single people. So, while you wait for your load to dry, don't hesitate to strike up a conversation with the pretty woman folding her clothes.

Dinner parties. Maybe you usually dread attending your friend's annual dinner party thrown by his wife. Instead of moaning and groaning about the formal attire requirement, look at the invitation as an opportunity to look your best while meeting some of your buddy's wife's cute friends.

Now that you have some fresh ideas of where to meet women, make sure to put your best foot forward when you head to these destinations. How? By spritzing on some pheromone cologne. Known as nature's aphrodisiac, pheromones are responsible for sexual attraction. Pheromone cologne works by boosting your body's own pheromone production. For more information, contact us today!