Five Simple Tips For Attracting Men

Five Simple Tips For Attracting Men

3rd Dec 2015

pheromonesWhen it comes to attracting men, do you consider yourself relatively clueless? Have no fear: you are certainly not alone. To take the dating world by storm, consider the following five tips:

Be a little mysterious. Let's face it: men like a challenge. They don't want someone who fawns all over them and reeks of desperation. So instead, present an air of mystery. This doesn't mean that you should be entirely aloof, but tell him just enough to leave him wanting more.

Have some depth. Men can make small talk with anyone; the last thing they need is a date filled with more meaningless small talk. While you don't want to delve into extremely personal topics on a first date, you do want to show that you have some depth. And don't be afraid to showcase your intelligence either. Never, ever dumb yourself down for a man.

Be mindful of your appearance. While physical appearances certainly aren't everything, they do matter. Put some effort into your appearance before a date. You can wear something flattering and feminine without being too revealing. Pay attention to your hair, makeup, and-- this should go without saying-- your personal hygiene.

Flirt. Yes, you want to maintain an air of mystery, but you also want to let him know that you're interested. So, do a little flirting. This can be as simple as maintaining steady eye contact and leaning in towards him when he's talking. You might also reach out and touch his arm gently during a conversation.

Get some pheromone perfume. Want an extra leg up on the competition in the dating world? Invest in some pheromone perfume. Pheromones are known as nature's aphrodisiac; they are responsible for sexual attraction. Pheromone perfume works by boosting your body's own pheromone production, making your date feel inexplicably drawn to you.

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