First Date Blunders and How Pheromone Perfume Can Help

First Date Blunders and How Pheromone Perfume Can Help

15th Oct 2015

pheromonesFirst dates are notoriously awkward. After all, you're meeting up with a virtual stranger, searching for common ground, and trying to decide if you're compatible as partners. With this in mind, many women get the first date jitters when preparing for the big day. If you want to ensure a successful first date, avoid the following common dating blunders:

Oversharing. Maybe you have a tendency to fill awkward silences with nervous chatter. Or, perhaps you're just excited to share your life experiences with your date. While steady conversation is a good thing on a first date, make sure that you don't turn a good dialogue into oversharing details about your personal life. A first date is not a good time to talk about your difficult childhood or your messy divorce. Keep the conversation friendly and light and save the deep stuff for later.

Being too forward. Most men (and women!) will tell you that they like a challenge in the dating world. Avoid coming across too forward on a first date; what you view as enthusiasm might be mistaken for desperation by your date. While it's fine to drop subtle signs that you're interested, don't start suggesting the names of your future children on a first date.

Being too passive. We've covered that you don't want to be too forward on a first date. However, you also don't want to hang out on the opposite end of the spectrum-- in passive, doormat territory. Don't be afraid to speak your mind and let your date know what you're passionate about.

Now that you know what to avoid on a first date, you're ready to get out there! If you want to increase the likelihood of a successful first date, consider using pheromone perfume. Pheromones-- otherwise known as nature's aphrodisiac-- are responsible for sexual attraction. How does the perfume work? It's simple: just spritz some on and your body's natural pheromone production is boosted. Contact us today to learn how pheromones can help your dating life!