Don't Stay Single: The Top Four Benefits of Being in a Relationship

Don't Stay Single: The Top Four Benefits of Being in a Relationship

7th Aug 2015

pheromonesWhile many men cite the perks of bachelor life, most actually crave being in a committed relationship. After all, it's human nature to want companionship. If your bar hopping and partying days are starting to get old and you're looking to settle down, consider the following benefits of a long-term relationship:

Support. Let's face it: everyone needs a support system. We all want someone in our lives that we can rely on to help us through difficult times. We also want someone who cares about our well-being and wants the best for us-- our own personal cheerleader. With a healthy, committed relationship, you can have that support system you've always desired.

Safety. While casual sex may have its allure, it also can pose a safety risk in the form of sexually transmitted diseases. When you're in a monogamous relationship, you can have a fun, loving, and safe sex life with your partner.

Companionship. Loneliness isn't fun for anyone. If you're spending your nights out partying but your days all alone in your apartment, you probably feel like you're lacking companionship. Being part of a relationship allows you to have that built-in friend for life's daily activities. Even the most monotonous tasks are better with company.

Family. If you eventually want to get married and have children, being in a relationship is the way to start heading down that path. That's not to say you have to marry the first person you're in a relationship with, but you should learn more about what you do want in a spouse through all relationships.

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