Bring the Spark Back Into Your Marriage with Pheromones and These Four Tips

Bring the Spark Back Into Your Marriage with Pheromones and These Four Tips

3rd Dec 2015

pheromonesIt's no secret that kids bring a lot of joy into a marriage. It's also no secret that the responsibilities that go along with having kids-- the late nights, countless diaper changes, navigating carpool lines, and monitoring homework every night-- can zap the romance right out of a formerly passionate marriage. If your marriage is lacking passion and romance, have no fear: all it takes is a little planning and a solid commitment to bring it back:

Give gifts from the heart. Guess what? It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day or your spouse's birthday for you to give her a thoughtful gift. In fact, gifts often mean more when they are for no other reason than to showcase your love for her. But don't just run to the nearest store and grab a gift card; instead, give a gift from the heart. Not the creative type? Consider writing down 100 reasons why you love her and presenting them in a hand-painted jar.

Hire a babysitter. Take matters into your own hands and hire a babysitter so that you and your wife can spend a night out on the town. Enjoy a dinner without the constant chatter of small children; use this time to really reconnect with your wife. Ask her thoughtful questions and truly listen to her answers. Remember to be a gentleman, too: pull out her chair at the dinner table and open her car door for her. Simply put: pretend that you're on a first date.

Find ways to connect. It's not feasible for most to hire a babysitter each night, so it's important to find ways to connect with your spouse during the hustle and bustle of every day life. Simple gestures like reaching out to touch her hand at the dinner table or giving her a spontaneous hug can go a long way towards reigniting a long-diminished flame.

Make sex a priority. Making an effort to connect intimately is key to bringing the spark back into your marriage. So, aim to have sex at least once a week. For a secret weapon in the bedroom, spritz on some pheromone cologne. Known as nature's aphrodisiac, pheromones are responsible for sexual attraction.

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