Pheromones for Women to Attract Men

Pheromones for Women to Attract Men

9th Mar 2015

pheromonesUntil fairly recently, the power of pheromones to attract the opposite sex were not very well known. Human beings just found themselves inexplicably attracted to one another without many clues on the reasons why. We attributed it to personality, good looks or any of a number of other physical attributes.

Today, thanks to endocrinologist Dr. Winifred Cutler's 1986 discovery of pheromones, we now know that these compounds are responsible for a large part of our attraction to one another as human beings. Enterprising scientists have used that primal, instinct-based lure to help men and women attract one another.

What Pheromones Are:

Pheromones are chemical molecules produced by every insect and animal in the animal kingdom. In human beings, pheromones largely come from the underarm area. These odorless compounds communicate with the brain's limbic system. This primal brain area deals with sexual attraction and the some of the seemingly inexplicable impulses human beings feel toward one another.

Contrary to popular belief, pheromones are not a love potion, but they do dictate our behavior to some degree. For example, pheromones are a largely responsible for the instant attraction or revulsion we feel toward someone when we meet them. These strong feelings are positive or negative reactions to their pheromones.

pheromones When pheromones do attract people, it is for a number of good reasons. A 1995 study by Clause Wedekind of the University of Bern in Switzerland found that when one person is attracted to another's pheromones, it's their body's way of telling them that that person will be a good genetic match. This attraction is based on the other's different immune system: the more disparate two people's immune systems, the healthier their children will be.

In a similar study, psychologist Steven Gangestad from the University of Mexico discovered that partners attracted to each other by their pheromones had less interest in cheating and seeking sexual partners outside of the relationship. And those same partners were more satisfied with their relationship.

Both men and women produce pheromones, but women's pheromone -- copulin -- is less perceptible than men's. When men do perceive copulins, they respond positively. One study showed that men preferred women's copulin-laced clean sweat smell over perfume. Another pumped copulins into a room and discovered that men under the influence of copulins found all the pictures of women they were exposed to as desirable. When not exposed to copulins, those same men were pickier about their selections, rated the pictures of women lower and even rejected some.

How to Use Pheremones:

To compensate for their low pheromone production, many women choose to supplement with commercially produced pheromones designed to attract men to women. These pheromones come in liquid form and are applied much like perfume. To encourage the dissemination of the pheromones, it is best to place them on the pulse points on the wrists and neck. There the movement of the blood and heat of the body will release the pheromones into the air.

pheromonesOnce you apply pheromones, test them out in crowded areas where you're likely to meet available men. Remember, human beings are not completely controlled by their instincts. A man may pick up on your pheromone smell but decline to act on it because he is in a committed relationship or for any number of other reasons. The best place to test out pheromones is at night clubs, speed dating or other places where there are high numbers of unattached men.

When women are out and about in places where they do not want to meet available men, they should be careful to wash off the odorless pheromone application. Family members or spouses or partners of friends and family may inadvertently become exposed to the pheromones. Only apply these pheromones when you are actively seeking a partner in a certain area.

Women can also use pheromones when in committed relationships. In long term relationships, the sexual drive of one or both partners commonly goes down over time. Women who find themselves frustrated with the sexual component of their relationships often turn to pheromones. Timely applications of pheromones may turn around an otherwise lackluster evening. Women use it to spark a moment of romance or schedule those nights according to their menstrual cycles when they are attempting to have a baby with their partner.

Women use pheromones to attract men for a number of reasons. These odorless compounds are quite effective in awakening men to their attraction to members of the opposite sex. When used correctly, they can bring people together in a positive way.

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