Attract Your Soulmate: Four Ways to Find Love Without Searching

Attract Your Soulmate: Four Ways to Find Love Without Searching

27th Nov 2015

pheromonesSingle life is getting dull, but even months after your last breakup you're still stuck in a rut. Things ended pretty badly and although you won't admit it, putting yourself back into the dating world is scary. You're afraid of rejection, being bored to death on a first date, or worse-- becoming too involved with someone fantastic just to get hurt in the end. You just want to find who you're meant for. How do you begin to obtain an everlasting love when you don't even have the will to try?

1.) Move on from the past. If you're too caught up in memories of a previous relationship or you're still obsessing over your ex, finding someone else isn't a possibility. You'll compare every possible match to your past lover and they'll all quickly lose interest in you because it basically says you're emotionally unavailable. Relationships end for numerous reasons; being happy about all the good times it is okay, but you should never dwell on them. Trust in fate and let it go.

2.) Believe in love. Don't believe if it didn't work out with a certain person then being alone is your destiny because that's so far beyond the truth. In order to find your soul mate, you have to believe they're out there and not lose hope due to a few failed relationships.

3.) Practice self-love. They always say the first step to loving anyone is loving yourself. Being single gives you a chance to connect with who you really are and embrace it. Once you learn to love everything you are, you won't settle for someone who feels less about you. You'll know you deserve someone who loves you the way you love yourself.

4.) Do what you enjoy. Get out there and do what you love! Engaging in hobbies you deeply enjoy surrounds you with people with the same interests, allowing you to begin new friendships and meet new people who suit your lifestyle well. Through these places and people, you're more likely to find the person you'll connect the most with.

Living your life without past relationships weighing you down, without negativity, without doubt, and without neglecting what you love are the best ways to take advantage of being single and still attract your soul mate. By surfacing all you keep hidden, you'll shine a light for the one whose waiting to find you.