Androsterone Pheromone: It’s Effects on Humans

Androsterone Pheromone: It’s Effects on Humans

24th Feb 2016

Pheromone AndrosteronePheromones are natural chemicals that the human body releases to trigger a social interaction with a member of the opposite sex. These chemicals seep through sweat glands, emitting a responsive behavior from another person. There are several behaviors that pheromones may trigger in individuals. These include alarm, seek food, desire intimacy, respect personal territory, bond with another human or step back from personal space.


An essential component in most human pheromones is Androsterone. When present, it acts as an important trigger that sends out signals to surrounding members of the opposite sex to show respect to the individual who is giving off the androsterone scent. An individual emitting this pheromone exudes the presence of leadership, reliability and a higher social standing within the community.

Pheromone AndrosteroneIt carries strong romantic attachment aspects that make give an individual who detects the pheromone smell on another person, a false sense of attraction. For example, a false sense of attraction occurs when a woman develops feelings for a man that is emitting the androsterone pheromone. She believes he is everything that she wants from a romantic partner and begins to shower him with affection. Once the pheromone begins to wear off, the woman may suddenly lose interest in the man and no longer wish to interact with him.

Men emitting the androsterone pheromone notice a change in their environment as well. They begin to see that women who come in contact with them speak sweeter and view them as a protective, bodyguard type figure.

Additional Effects

Pheromone AndrosteroneIndividuals emitting the androsterone pheromone may notice a slight improvement in their ability to concentrate on daily tasks. There is a new sense of goal orientation that drives an individual to strive for personal accomplishment. Pressing business and personal matters that may have been difficult before can now be resolved with ease.

Women that encounter men with this pheromone will experience a change in behavior as well. They may become jealous a little more quickly or become possessive over a man that sparks their interest. There is a sense of personal comfort and safety that begins to form in addition to the romantic feelings. Some women may find it easier to eradicate personal stress or worry less about individual circumstances.

Men and women may notice boosts of personal self-confidence where fear and low self-esteem were present before. Communicating with other individuals comes a little easier in settings where social anxiety was present. Personal characteristics such as trustworthiness and respect may be noticeable by others. Pheromones indeed make personal human relationships more enjoyable on every level!