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Pure Androstadienone contained in a glass vial.

Charm Your Way Right into Their Hearts

Who doesn’t like the life of the party? He’s the guy that has all the charm! He’s fun, witty, attractive, and tells all the best jokes! Or it simply may be the way he enters a room. This is usually the guy that all the women want! But what if that guy could be you? Still not sold? Think it’s impossible? This is a closer reality than you think with TRUECharisma pheromone cologne. We call this the “George Clooney” or “Brad Pitt” of all of our pheromone products.

TRUECharisma is a mix of three communication pheromones, which makes you sociable and improves your confidence. Others will see you as approachable and charismatic with a hint of masculine sexuality. This product has no harmful risks or side effects so it is safe to use as much as you desire and makes the ideal cologne for any man. TRUECharisma is a blend of androstadienone and alpha and beta androsterone. Androstenone is known as “the King” of pheromones for men and gives women a sense of masculinity and dominance. However, the blend of alpha and beta makes for a less aggressive version of the pheromone.

Androstadienone is known to have an effect on the cognition of females, thus affecting their actions. Called the “love pheromone,” it has been proven to increase closeness by encouraging feelings of comfort, connection, communication and honesty. These pheromones create the perfect combination. We guarantee our products 100 percent for a full year. If you aren’t happy with the results, we will give you a full refund with no questions asked.

What Other Products Contain Androstadienone?

Androstadienone is known to have noticeable effects on the moods of heterosexual women and homosexual men. The effects are subtle and will not change anyone’s behavior, but it increases sexual attraction. It can relieve symptoms of PMS in women, while increasing alertness. True Pheromones offers a unique line of pheromone products for men that contain androstadienone.

As a male, there may be times when it is extremely difficult to communicate with women. In fact, it can be downright frustrating, especially with someone who expects you to read her mind. If you find yourself in this scenario more times than not, TRUECommunication™ is right for you. This scented pheromone cologne is a blend of three communication and honesty pheromones designed to encourage deeper, more honest communication. Never be caught off guard again with smart remarks or uncomfortable situations. One whiff of TRUECommunication™, and we promise she will tell you exactly what she feels instead of expecting you to guess. It can also increase trust and promote effective communication with everyone. Use it whenever you need it.

TRUERadiance™ is our “knight in shining armor” blend that is guaranteed to make you a force to be reckoned with now that you possess the right balance of trust, authority, communication, and dominance. TRUELove™ will accomplish three things: improve communication, strengthen trust, and increase the feeling of masculine protection. All that’s left to do is decide which effect you want to accomplish. Leave the rest up to us!

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