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The Effects of the Androstadienone Pheromone

Introduction to Androstadienone

androstadienoneOne of the ingredients that can be found in our products is a chemical compound called androstadienone. Similar to androstenone, which is one of the other ingredients that can be found in our products, androstadienone is produced as a result of a metabolic process using the male sex hormone, testosterone. This is fitting because there are convincing reasons to believe that androstadienone can have a powerful influence on whether a man is attractive or not.

How Androstadienone is Produced Under Normal Circumstances

Like androstenone, androstadienone is one of the chemical compounds that can be found in human sweat. In other words, androstadienone originates in the apocrine sweat glands, which are responsible for producing a number of secretions in humans. In fact, their modified counterparts are even responsible for producing secretions that range from breast milk to ear wax. This is in stark contrast to eccrine sweat glands, which are the organs responsible for producing the mixture of water and salt that keeps humans cool via evaporation. Above all else, it is interesting to note that apocrine sweat glands produce no androstadienone until the onset of puberty, which one of the pieces of evidence pointing towards what could be its real purpose.

How Androstadienone Can Influence Human Behavior

Here are some examples of how androstadienone can influence human behavior:

  • Even though androstadienone has no real smell of its own, there is research suggesting that humans can smell the chemical compound and then react based on their natural inclinations. When shown the outline of an androgynous human figure, heterosexual women who had smelled a scent containing androstadienone had higher chances of identifying it as a man. In contrast, their homosexual counterparts had no biases whatsoever when shown much the same figure, suggesting that androstadienone serves as a signal for the presence of a potential partner. However, this is but the beginning.
  • Further research suggests that the use of androstadienone can make men seem more attractive to potential partners. This is based on observations collected from a speed-dating event where women were asked to rate the attractiveness of their counterparts in each encounter. As it turned out, women who had been exposed to androstadienone found their counterparts to be more attractive than women who had not been exposed to the same, suggesting that the chemical compound is one of the reasons that smell is so important when it comes to sexual attraction.
  • androstadienone
  • Likewise, women who had been exposed to androstadienone saw noticeable increases in their cortisol levels, which started in 15 minutes and lasted as long as an hour. This is important because cortisol is a hormone associated with positive moods. In other words, the smell of androstadienone was enough to put women in a better mood, thus makes the chances of a successful connection that much better.
  • Finally, it is interesting to note that androstadienone can also make other men more cooperative. Based on an experiment conducted by the University of Turku in Finland, it seems that men becomes more willing to share with other men when in the presence of androstadienone. In fact, the higher the levels of testosterone in their bodies, the more noticeable that this effect became. The Finnish researchers speculated that this could have come to be because cooperation is seen as a positive by the opposite sex, but it takes no real expertise to see how this effect could prove useful in real life.

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Of course, androstadienone is but one of the chemical compounds that sees use in our human pheromone products. Both men and women who want a boost in their lives should not hesitate to contact us about either our ingredients or their purported uses. The sooner that they become informed, the sooner that they can start changing their lives for the better with a little outside assistance.

A really great read on this pheromone can be found here from the Huffington Post.

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