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Sports Dating: Never Stay Home on a Friday Night Again

pheromonesThe success of your sports dating depends upon choosing the game that is appropriate to your relationship. Consider three levels: the 300 level, box seats, and the Varsity Club; and never stay home on a Friday night again.

When you start a relationship with a sports fan you want to impress. Take your date to a Friday night hockey game at 300 level. Don't worry about the seats. Take in the raw, gladiatorial aspect of the sport. The ice, the giants on skates, the violence, and the crowd create an exhilarating atmosphere. It's fun and shallow. You can offset the awkward discomfort of a first date with the raucous melee of fights and the breathless anticipation of goals.

On the second level get some box seats for a Saturday night baseball game. Saturday night baseball crowds are mellow. Pick out a warm summer night. Take your time with dinner and drinks. Get out the stadium whenever and go with the pace of the game. Baseball offers a perfect opportunity to talk, people watch, and soak up the sights and sounds. If it's a good game - great. If it's not then step out and enjoy the rest of the night.

On the third level plan a college football weekend. Go big. Any of the major conferences make college football games a full Saturday of sports pageantry and drama. Most college towns are in the middle of nowhere. Enjoy your drive on a scenic Autumn morning. Campuses are beautiful places, so get there early. Walk the grounds and inhale the aroma of falling leaves and tailgating. Take in the game and stay away from the student section. Plan your weekend and spend your Saturday night in a cozy bed-and-breakfast off the road home. Contact us to make your stay more memorable than the game. The Varsity Club is a perfect ending to level three and the beginning of a new mystery for your relationship.

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