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Pheromones to Attract The Opposite Sex: The Real Deal

pheromonesAt first glance, pheromones sound like the sort of thing you'd find advertised in the back of an old men's magazine. A guaranteed way to get any woman (or women) into bed, you just spray it on and pretty soon she'll be so overcome by your manly aroma that she'll practically tear your clothes off to have you. Well, if that's the sort of reaction you're expecting, you're going to be disappointed. Pheromones aren't the key to unlocking a fantasy-level sex drive; they can, however, get you noticed when you otherwise wouldn't be.

Pheromones to Attract The Opposite Sex: How They Really Work

Pheromones aren't love potion #9, but they are something your body is programmed to be aware of. Humans, like most other mammals, use scent to determine attractiveness in our partners. Pheromones are released naturally, and they evaporate into the air with our sweat. When they reach the nose of potential partners, their brains absorb the information and alter our opinions of these people. In some cases those pheromones inform us that this person would be an ideal mate (in a purely animal sense), and so we're drawn to them.

All pheromone cologne and perfume do is up your game, and make you harder to ignore. These spray-on solutions use natural pheromones to alert the opposite sex that you are someone they should investigate and pay attention to. While that man/woman of your dreams won't sweep you off your feet and ravish you in the back hallway, you will find that you get more attention than you otherwise would. You still need to be able to capitalize on that attention, though. Pheromones will get your foot in the door, but you still have to be charming, enticing, and interesting in order to proceed any further.

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