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Attract the Opposite Sex and Keep Their Interest with Pheromones

PheromonesDo you turn off the radio when Elvis Presley comes on with "Are You Lonesome Tonight"? Sometimes it just plain hurts to feel like the only one who is home alone on a Saturday evening.

For centuries, the loveless and the lost have been doomed to solitude while others marry, have children, and enjoy the blessings of family life. Some people have a knack for attracting others and making everything they do seem like fun.

Until recently, no one ever thought of a biological explanation for success in the love and sex arena. But then, pheromone research came along.

Pheromones are natural chemical compounds produced by animals, insects and plants. They are emitted by an organism, and then enter the air and disperse. They serve as chemical messengers to other organisms of the same species, or as warnings to enemies. Bees use pheromones to keep track of pollen-gathering. Plants use them to tell bugs to back off. And humans use them to signal readiness for mating, desire for closeness, and other social purposes.

Here's the rub. Not everyone produces love pheromones in the same quantities. For a number of reasons, some people don't have an adequate pheromone messaging system. Diminished pheromone production can be due to age, chronic health conditions, or just plain bad luck.

PheromonesIn cases where pheromones need supplementation, help is available. Research has shown that topically applied pheromone compounds can improve the love and sex lives of those who apply them. Just a drop behind the ear, or in any place with good blood supply, starts the chain reaction of chemical events that draw people closer, enhance perceived sexiness, and encourage others into deep, meaningful conversations.

Of course, men and women are different. Men benefit from the use of pheromone compounds that contain Androstenone and the Androstenols. Alone or combined, these pheromones give men an aura of confidence, leadership, and yes, super-sexiness to women.

Women may use products containing those same male pheromones when they want to project a confident, sexy image. Women may also use a pheromone compound called Copulin. It makes them seem appealing and receptive, and even encourages in their lovers a tendency to communicate. What woman doesn't want that?

We are lucky to live in a time when pheromones are well-understood and available as adjuncts to any kind of self-improvement program. For once, the science and the claims line up.

For more information on how the use of pheromones can change your life please call 1-877-PHERO-77 (743-7677).

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