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3 Tips to Help You Attract Men Tonight

pheromonesHeading out to the bar or club tonight? Worried that you won't be able to attract any attention from men while out? Then read the three tips below to help you attract men, starting with tonight.

Wear Modest Heels

When it comes to footwear, women have a tendency to go with one of the two extremes. That is they either wear impossibly high heels or shoes that are comfortable but not very fashionable. Both can be problematic when trying to attract the opposite sex. Wearing impossibly high heels will make it hard for you to move about, and it can make you come across as way too high maintenance for the guys. On the other hand, if you're constantly wearing tennis shoes, men will get the impression that you simply don't care. Either way, you're not exactly sending out the right type of vibe. So instead, go with a pair of modest heels. They'll allow you to look sexy without having to worry about tripping over yourself.

Go Easy on the Makeup

Some lipstick and eyeliner can greatly enhance a woman's features. But if you wear too much makeup, you can accidentally end up looking overdone. So always go easy on the makeup. You'll look so much better in the end.

Wear True Pheromones

Dab a bit of pheromones on your body before heading out the door. Unlike regular perfume, the pheromones will actually entice men to start walking your way. So make sure you have this secret weapon in your arsenal before starting the night. Contact us to learn more.

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